9/18/14 - Updated Map Data
New map data is available from the following link: Cycle 1410
9/16/14 - New AF-5000 Series Manual
Logbook, AF-5400, Touch Interface...
Manual Update v 3.00
9/11/14 - Updated AF-5000 Software
New AF-5000 Software Version 10.02.03 with High Resolution Synthetic Vision. Be sure to read the Installation Instructions
7/24/14 - Advanced Panels
Advanced Flight Systems announces the Quick Panel System!
3/25/14 - NEW AF-5000 Series Literature.
2014 AF-5000 Literature

1/30/14 - New AF-5000 Series Manual
Advanced SV Network ADAHRS
Manual Update v 2.22

11/12/13 - Updated Software
New AF-3400/AF-3500 Non-S software available here: AF-3000 Support
Fly-in Schedule
Advanced Universtiy