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Thread: AFS Pilot Magnetometer

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    AFS Pilot Magnetometer

    Trutrak has recently (if I read their latest installation manual correctly) removed the internal magnetometer from the VSGV II autopilot. As I understand it, this was intended to function as a backup should GPS signal be lost or degraded. (Note there is no connection to the EFIS' AHARS remote-mounted magnetometer).

    Since the AFS-Pilot is based on the Trutrak autopilot, has the magnetometer also been removed from the AFS-Pilot?
    Highest Regards,

    Noah Forden
    Rhode Island

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    Hi Noah,

    I'd venture to say that if you've recently purchased your AP head, that it does not have the magnetometer based on these Feb-2009 responses from TT:


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    Yes, it was removed.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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