ADVANCED Quick Panel System

Installing an aircraft’s modern avionics and electrical system is no longer a time consuming, complicated and frustrating experience. Each panel includes a well-engineered instrument panel that is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install. All avionics, including the aircraft’s autopilot servos, trim servos and lights are all cleanly wired to the new Advanced Control Module.

Each Quick Panel System includes a well-engineered instrument panel that is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install.

Advanced Control Module
ADVANCED Control Module
Easy Installation Professional wiring harnesses make for a easy installation

The New ADVANCED Control Module This new Advanced Control Module, the heart of the Quick Panel System, integrates circuit protection, panel dimmer controller, flap controller, trim controller, Wig-Wag controller, EFIS networking and a panel switch interface. Rob Hickman, President of AFS, states that "The combination of the new Advanced Control Module and production line manufacturing techniques results in a lower cost yet higher quality panel. It saves the builder hundreds of hours in wiring, crimping, and troubleshooting."

  • 22 Channels of Circuit Protection
  • Panel Dimmer Controller
  • Flap Controller with Positioning
  • Trim Controller
  • Wig Wag Landing Light Controller
  • SV Network Hub
  • EFIS ARINC interface
  • Panel Switch Interface

What would it cost to build a comparable panel without the ADVANCED Control Module? (.pdf)

Sub Panel

Clean Wiring Why fight through a mess of wiring? Every component has seamless integration, making for a fast installation and fewer points of failure.

Upgradeability Adding a second screen? Or third? How about IFR upgrade path adding a GPS navigator? Adding components and capability later on has never been easier than with a Quick Panel, purchase the component and the completed wiring harness and you're off and flying. Try doing that without any other panel.

Panel Options

There are many options available, give us a call and we can price nearly any instrument panel, for any aircraft. From a simple single screen to a three screen, dual GPS navigator, carbon fiber panel.

The ADVANCED Quick Panel System is available as IFR or VFR, with your choice of AF-5600T touch screen EFIS displays or Dynon D1000T touch screen displays.

What is Included?

All Quick Panel Systems include:

  • EFIS PFD (Touch-Screen)
  • EFIS MFD (Touch-Screen)
  • Com Radio
  • MODE S Transponder
  • ADS-B Traffic and Weather
  • Two-Place Stereo Intercom
  • Autopilot Control Module
  • Angle-of-Attack On-Screen Display
  • ELT
  • Engine Monitor Module
  • ADVANCED Control Module
  • Switches and Audio Jacks
  • Powder Coated and Silk Screened Instrument Panel

IFR Quick Panel Systems also include:

  • PS Engineering Audio Panel
    • PAC15 Remote for AFS
    • PMA5000EX for Dynon
  • IFD540 GPS Navigator
  • Dynon EFIS-D6 Independent Backup
  • Second ADAHRS