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Thread: Skyview v13 data?

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    Skyview v13 data?

    Seattle Avionics Data Manager is asking me if I want to use Dynon Skyview v13 data format.
    What can you tell us?



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    Well, don't check the box in the download manager for v13. Sectional, and IFR charts won't display on the AFS. Ask me how I know.
    John Kazickas
    Sands Point, NY
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    The AF-5000 Series is now supported with Seattle Avionics latest Data Manager update. I have an updated tutorial that shows how to load the AF-5xxx Series data.

    To avoid complications when changing App or Device from 'Dynon SkyView' to 'AFS' please delete the ChartData and SkyView[US,EU] folders.
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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