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Thread: RPM display with mixed ignitions

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    RPM display with mixed ignitions

    I have a Slick magneto on the left and a CPI electronic ignition on the right. The way I have it wired up with my new AF5600, the rpm signal comes off the CPI only and when I turn it off for a pre-takeoff mag check, the rpm "gage" on the 5600 drops to zero. The engine still runs of course, but I am unable to tell how much mag drop I have on the Slick only (there is very little when the Slick is turned off and the CPI only is igniting the engine).

    Is there a way the system can be wired to return the functionality that I have lost?



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    If you switch back to the Slick RPM pickup you will have RPM on both sides. The Slick will continue to rotate and display RPM. You could also check with CPI to see if they have a circuit that allows RPM output when turned off.
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    Again a quick and practical reply, Shawn. Thanks very much!


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