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Thread: Strange Screen II

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    Strange Screen II

    I was 10 out, inbound for landing and suddenly the airspeed varied from 250 to 550KTS , altitude went blank and lost encoder numbers to the Transponder.

    Any ideas?

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    Given the missing graphical elements on the altitude tape it looks like you had a processor issue. System logs can show some valuable data in these issues.

    With an SD card installed press the following sequence: CHECK -> MAINT -> ADMIN -> SYS LOGS -> START Reply and attach the *.ALS file from the SD card or email it to
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Thanks Shawn,
    I received a email from Jonathon requesting the file and other info, replied back with the .ALD data, video and photo.
    Based on what I saw, earlier today I packed up the unit and it’s on the way to Canby.
    Hope you can return it to service.

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    To close the loop on this, I sent the unit back to AFS, Tricia contacted me as soon as it arrived to make sure they fully understood the problem. The service dept. turned it around in 3 days and it was on it’s way back.
    I installed it this weekend and all appears to work well.
    A big thanks to Tricia and the AFS service group.

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