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Thread: Flaps Position Indicator & AOA readout

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    Flaps Position Indicator & AOA readout

    Running an Advanced ACM panel with 5600 screens. Flaps controlled by stick switch and screen buttons. I just updated to SW version 16 with no change to my issue. The Flaps operate correctly with position operation, continuous retract.
    The position indicator on the screen starts a no flap then at position 2 shows 96% then position 3 - 75% then at full down 100%..
    The AD value moves as expected through the deployment but the % and screen do not reflect the movement. It is seeing 100% at 2 locations through movement - once at AD value 29 then again at full down. Any ideas on what I need to change?
    Pos. Flaps. AD_value. %
    1. Reflex. 4. 0
    2. 0 deg. 26. 96
    3. 20 deg. 124. 75
    4. Full Dn. 246. 100

    Regarding AOA The donut indicating Flaps down shows at 0 deg in my case. Is is possible to change setting so it indicates Flaps down beyond position 2?

    AOA shows up correctly, but I am not getting any activity through flight other than the donut appearing - no change in bars, window numbers or messages. Just showing “000” in the window. Have checked the pitot/static/aoa lines.
    Any thoughts?
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    As a followup to the original post, I did some more editing of the values this morning and found that it is sensitive to the order of the position saved. I went back into calibration mode and set the same values and saved in order and now the AD values and percentage now flow from 0 to 100% and the screen indicator progresses correctly. Incidentally, this looks to be the reason the donut was showing FLAPS on the position 2 (0 deg.). It now shows flaps at a position beyond 0 degrees (approx 30%) as desired.

    Still working on the AOA readout activity...

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    Just wanted to circle back and close this one out. After talking with Scott, the data that was pre installed on my new unit was from the wing port AOA database and I am using the Dynon heated AOA port. I had assumed that there would be some activity on the screen even if not correct. In reality, because the data points are so different between the two systems, no activity was present. The in flight calibration appeared to resolve the issue.

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