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Thread: New style Kavlico sensor for fuel pressure

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    New style Kavlico sensor for fuel pressure

    I installed the new style Kavlico oil and fuel pressure sensors. The oil pressure reads fine but the fuel pressure shows 38 PSI. I changed the values on the 5500 touchscreen by SET-CAL-ADMIN-ADMINISTRATOR MODE then back to Instrument Calibration-Fuel Press as per Jonathan’s suggestions.

    ADVAL SHOWED 1514 initially then 810 later.

    Here’s what I inputted:

    0.0 500
    100.0 3167

    The User setting #11 shows part number 41,150 KAV 0-150

    Any idea how to fix this, anyone know what I did wrong? Perhaps I have the wrong sensor selected. I have V16 software update.
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