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Thread: G5 providing backup ADAHRS data

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    G5 providing backup ADAHRS data


    On page 31 of the AF-5000 Pilot Guide, it says that the

    "AF-5000 can be connected to a Dynon SV-200 Primary, SV-201 Backup ADAHRS using the Dynon SV-NETWORK and a backup EFIS (Garmin G5) that can provide ADAHRS data on a separate RS-232 serial connection."

    Has anyone done this...used the G5 as a source of backup ADAHRS info? Any insight as to how best to wire it? (I have a single 5600 and an ACM.)


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    I used this diagram from AFS and it worked fine. Name:  G5 set up copy.jpg
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Size:  21.9 KBName:  G5 to 5600 wiring copy.jpg
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    On a single AF-5600 ACM system, the only potentially free serial port is going to be serial #1, which, if not already in use by a remote audio panel, would be free to use for the G5 backup ADAHRS function. You can access PFD#1 through pins 12/25 on the ACM Audio panel connector.

    70080 ACM-ECB Serial Port Diagram Dip Switch.pdf

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