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Thread: Map zoom on 5600 screen

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    Map zoom on 5600 screen

    I have a dual 5600 screen setup and noticed yesterday that the co-pilot screen will not zoom with the knob/joystick. (Not sure what happened to the rest of the post)
    The pinch zoom works fine as does the “pan”. The pilot screen works fine. I recently upgraded the software on both screens but am not sure if the change coincided with the upgrade. I am making sure that the “RNGE” is highlighted before trying to zoom.
    I have not tried to see if the knob works with other functions yet but plan to try this weekend. Is there anything else I need to try while I am there or other suggestions?
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    Yes check and make sure if the knob works to adjust the baro setting. They are industrial grade and extremely high quality, but we do see from time to time where years of heavy use has just worn the knob out.

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    Hi Jonathon, I sent an e-mail in to the tech contact site as well. I did try scrolling through the checklist pages and no success there either. This being the co-pilot screen it doesn’t get that much use compared to the pfd so shouldn’t be worn - but it is electrical... I have about 65 hours on the system -in service since April 2021.

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