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Thread: Red Xs asserting at ~10sec interval

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    From the team from your request,

    I can’t see that the transponder cable is near the ADAHRS cable and I know it’s not near the ADAHRS. I turned off the transponder (STANDBY) and the flashing continued.

    I also turned on the landing light, taxi light, strobes, and nav lights one at a time and saw no change with each.

    I then disconnected the ADAHRS. The 6-pack display shows red X’s through all intruments, but there is no flashing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Sounds like this ADAHRS probably needs to get sent in for a look. I've created a support ticket for our folks at Dynon to reach out about a possible RMA. We already have Paul's contact info on file, so that's who I listed on the ticket. He should be hearing from someone shortly regarding next steps.

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