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Thread: Nontouch 5600 shutdown

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    Nontouch 5600 shutdown

    Hi - N413BS has a touch 5600 (left), touch 5500 (center), and nontouch 5600 (right). On May 4, I flew KTMB to KTPF and then a return flight to KTMB. The plane had been sitting in the hot sun for approx 5 hours at KTPF. During the runup at KTPF, the nontouch 5600 shutdown and did not immediately reboot. I shut down the plane and the master batt and then restarted. The nontouch came back on fine until top-of-climb at 9000 ft when it shutdown again. It took approx 5-10 mins for it to reboot. The rest of the flight was uneventful. Here is a link to the system and Last 5hrs logs from all of the screens - . Is there anything you see here to explain the behavior? I just did a 45 min test flight today (May 9) at low altitudes and the screens were fine. Thanks.

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    Temps weren't a factor, the last data point we got from your non-touch before it crashed included a core temp report of only 64.0C, which we don't even consider to be high.

    Prior to the runup crash we see the screen was having its clock time reset over and over, caused by a tug of war between your other two touchscreens over a 1 second difference between the time from your GTN and the time from your SV-GPS-250. Your touchscreens are running on 16.09.15, among the many fixes and improvements in our beta 16.10 software is that displays are only allowed to reset the system time three times per boot cycle, as a mitigation against exactly these sorts of tugs of war. I will email you a private link to a build of our latest software to put on your two touchscreens.

    The in flight crash occurred after several minutes of the non-touch processing large chunks of FIS-B data, with hundreds of datapoints each of METAR, TAF, and NEXRAD data, for several minutes right up to the crash. I have previously advised you that the processor in the non-touch is not as fast as we would like for processing ADS-B data, and have recommended that you relocate your ADSB 472 to a free serial port on one of your touchscreen displays with the faster processor, and I will repeat that recommendation at this time.

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    Thanks for this, Jonathon. I'll update the touch screens' software, and yes, I'm planning on relocating the ADSB to one of the touchscreens. You've now given me a kick in the pants to get that done.

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    Hi Jonathon - I'll be moving the ADSB 472 to my faster center touchscreen. Do I need any new hardware or wiring from AFS for my avionics shop to do this? And when the connection has been changed, what system settings do I need to change on both the old right screen and the center touchscreen (and maybe also the left touchscreen?) in order for all of the screens to get ADSB data? Thanks for your help!

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    Doesn't need new hardware or new wires, per se. Just needs the two wires for the serial port currently wired to the ADSB 472 moved over from the one screen to a free serial port on the other. Your avionics shop will definitely know how to do this. Serial port pinouts are on page 237 of the AF-5000 install manual

    Configuration is SET --> CAL --> Admin Settings change the old screen serial port from AF-ADSB-47x to DISABLED. Change the new screen serial port from DISABLED to AF-ADSB-47x.

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