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Thread: iPad connectivity issue

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    iPad connectivity issue

    I recently upgraded to a iPad mini 6 running iOs 16.6.1, it has WIFI and Cellular and I am running Foreflight (current version.) This new iPad is replacing my old mini version 4 which does not support iOs version 16.

    My old iPad and my iPhone will connect to the AFS network with no issues. My new iPad does not. When I attempt to connect the "busy wheel" continues to spin but the device never makes a connection. I have compared setting between the two iPads and can not see anything different. Is there a setting in AFS that needs to change?

    I am running Vx16.10.25-TOUCH-MV16 on my 5500T screen.



    EDIT: I have compared every setting on my iPhone with every setting on my iPad. Both are using the same version number iOS. The phone connects but the iPad doesn’t, clearly I’m missing something. Any ideas are greatly appreciated
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    UPDATE: The seems to be an issue with iPad connectivity with the Dynon WIFI system. When my iPhone connects it is given the IP address in the 192.x.x.x address space. But when my iPad after a few minutes it adopts a 169.254.x.x address (the default ip address.) So because it is in a different address space it can not fully connect to the network. Is there a way to reset the DHCP service? Is there a restriction to the number of devices that can be attached?

    My iPad connects to all other networks with no issues. Any help, suggestions or insight is appreciated.
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