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Thread: Zaon XRX

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    Zaon XRX

    All my serial ports ports are used in my 4500. (GPS496, GTX328, SL30 and AP ARINC)
    How can I add a ZAON XRX to my system. Can it share the serial port #2 with the GTX328?
    What are the possibilities to add traffic to my system?? I'm in Europe.

    Lancair 390 OE-VCM

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    Yes, it can share Serial #2 as it only uses the RX wire.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    We are thinking of buying the Zaon XRX system for traffic awarness. How many are using the system and how has it worked with the 4500 display?



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    In my Lancair I have limited space on top of panel. Can I install the XRX somewhere else in the fiberglass fuselarge? Is it necessary during flight to see the XRX display?


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    You do want the XRX to be as high as possible to eliminate interference with other metal objects around its perimeter. You could certainly mount it within fiberglass without it degrading signal too much. The unit doesn't need to be accessed once it is turned on.
    Trevor Conroy
    Technical Support
    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Hi Lancair 390

    there will be an an new Traffic Monitor for Europe by The new TRX-1500 can show ADSB and Flarm on different EFIS Systems ( At the Moment they have support for Dynon. Skymap, Flymap and Garmin GPS 396, 495, 496, 695, 696, AREA.

    The Dataport Specification is at

    Maybe Trevor can check if it`s ok for AFS?


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    Hi Markus,
    I've seen this at Aero2011. I talked to the staff and was told this unit uses the old Flarm hardware.
    For faster planes we should wait for newer hardware.
    Receiving Transponder signals (non ADSB) will give you no direction, only altitude and distance.
    Zaon claims to give you direction, but I'm not sure if this really works well!?!
    Garmin GPS can read the data, so AFS should be fine.

    From all the new units I've seen, I think this is the best one. As it has all in one (ADSB, TPX RX, Flarm RX/TX)
    Maybe wait for the next generation Flarm hardware...


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    Now that looks like a very interesting bit of kit!
    Trevor, it says on that site that (amongst others) integrates with pocketFMS. How are you getting on with this development and do you have any comment about the powerflarm?

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    Powerflarm is now also in the US:
    (In the moment only with Display, not the core)


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