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Thread: XM weather page not visible

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    XM weather page not visible

    The wxwks green light (data) blinks, and the single 4500 is configured as the master for weather. I have not activated the XM service- is that required for the weather page to be displayed? Probably not because what would be the difference between not aquiring the satellite and not having an xm subscription? So it seems I'm missing weather software on the 4500? I do plan on activating the XM subscription once over this hurdle. Thank you for the help- you guys are great.

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    Hello Sam. We do not have an XM weather page per say. All of the XM or ADS-B weather is displayed on the normal top-down mapping page you are used to seeing. The NEXRAD radar, lightning strikes, and winds aloft are all overlaid on the mapping page. METAR's and TAF's are shown on the airport information page (with colored symbols on the map page as well). If you visit the ABOUT page on your EFIS (CHECK -> MAINT -> ABOUT), it will display the statistics for XM weather. The receiver ID is shown, aged times for downlinked data, and other status information. As long as you see the Receiver ID on that page for now, it will all work once activated.
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