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Thread: Getting all those setting correct....

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    Getting all those setting correct....

    With all the different settings for the AP and EFIS, I'm having a hard time getting everything set up correctly. I usually end up flying around changing one thing then another only to find myself guessing half the time. I'm sure I don't have it set up as well as it can be and it frustrates me that something always seems to be a bit off..

    I wish there was published systematic procedure to go through to get all these settings correct, i.e., first start with x setting then if this happens, increase number.... next go to this setting......etc, etc..

    Obviously I'm just not that good at doing this..

    Enough of my rant, at the risk of showing my ignorance, here's a few question...

    In a 90 degree autopilot heading change, I get a porpoising effect.. Altitude going up and down. What do I adjust?

    Altitude always seems to be 80 feet or so lower than the altitude hold bug setting in level flight, what needs adjusting?

    Heading seems to always be west of the heading bug by about 8 degrees, what did I screw with that needs to be fixed?

    I LOVE the AFS package in my Sportsman (4500 with Digiflight II VS), just wish I could make it perfect!
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    While I can't help with the gain settings in the AFS, I can help with tuning the autopilot in stand alone mode which is where one should start to dial it in. Feel free to give me a call at the office. Thanks!
    Trutrak Tech Support

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