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Thread: TruTrak and AFS together?

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    TruTrak and AFS together?

    Went by the booth at Oshkosh and saw that TruTrak and AFS virtually sharing the same space and some new entity (TFS or something like that ) talking to customers.

    Has something happened between the two companies? Did I miss something?

    No announcement on either web sites.
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    Advanced Flight Systems forms Strategic Partnership with TruTrak to Better Serve EAB and LSA Markets
    Canby, OR July 23, 2012- Advanced Flight Systems, manufactures of premier EFIS and AOA systems, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership with TruTrak, manufacturers of digital autopilots and backup flight instruments, in the formation of ATS.

AFS and TruTrak will combine resources in order to enhance their renowned abilities and to continue their development of cutting edge products in the experimental and light-sport markets. The principle owners of both companies, Andrew Barker, Rob Hickman, and Jim Younkin, will work closely together to ensure that ATS offers the best products on the market while maintaining competitive prices.

    “Partnering with TruTrak is going to allow us to offer more product and better serve customers,” said Rob Hickman, Chief Executive Officer of AFS. “We are looking forward to all the wonderful things that can be done as these two market leaders join forces.”

    Rob Hickman, an electrical engineer with software expertise, founded AFS in 1999. The company became well-respected manufacturers of one of the most popular engine monitoring systems available for experimental aircraft. AFS continued to improve their engine and airframe monitoring systems, and in 2004 added patented AOA technology to their product catalog. Rob and Advanced were featured in the October 2004 issue of Sport Aviation Magazine. In 2006 AFS added a complete EFIS with AHRS. Since then, AFS has worked on developing the most complete EFIS system available.

    TruTrak was found in 1999 is based out of Springdale, AR. TruTrak is the number one seller of autopilots in the experimental market and is known for their development of a more affordable and simpler concept in backup flight instruments.

    The newly introduced ATS will announce their first products at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, July 23-29, 2012. ATS has manufactured a VHF Comm radio in collaboration with Walter Dittel Avionik out of Germany. This small, lightweight radio is designed with full remote interface specifically for the Advanced 5000 series EFIS system. The radio is currently undergoing FCC testing and should be shipping in the third quarter of 2012.

    For more information on the partnership contact: TruTrak - (479) 751-0250 or AFS – (503)-263-0037, or visit


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    maybe soon we can get the AFS AP to climb at a constant airspeed

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    Ooooh, now THAT would be a NIIICE feature!
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