I’ve noticed a quirk in my AFS 4500 display, and after some experimentation, have identified the specific conditions that produce it.

The bug is related to the VP-X system display page (accessed by pushing ‘Check’ once): whenever that page is displayed, alongside any page that contains BOTH the course AND bearing needles on the display, neither the course needle, bearing needle, or the colored status indicators for the VP-X loads are displayed. The pitch indicator wings and flightpath marker also disappear. In addition, the bar along the bottom of the screen with the button/knob legends turns white.

If only the course OR bearing needles are displayed, everything displays normally. It is only when both needles are selected, that the problem exhibits.

I remembered to grab some screenshots on a recent flight, hoping they will be useful in figuring out what's behind it. I've posted them with notes on my build log... http://rv9a.pacificrimsound.com/?p=3705 ...let me know if they would be more helpful in a different format or venue.

(Beyond this quirk, the system has performed flawlessly throughout the first 40 hours.)