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Thread: Improvements for 5000 series

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    Improvements for 5000 series

    Since the only development thread I saw was for the 2500-4500 I posted here.

    I tried using the count down timer as a 30 minute tank timer. My wrist got sore and I gave up trying the enter the time. There should be faster way of entering reset timer values.

    I have the same problem with the minimum altitude setting. The DA for KOXB is 261. Some MDAs in WV can be as high as 1700. Trying to twist the dial from 261 to 1700 is another one of those things that just cant be done.

    Ideally the same numeric input option available for the heading bug and barometer should be available to the timer, the minimum altitude bug, and any other item which requires a large range of inputs.

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    The bottom eleven buttons already change to a keypad for the minimum altitude bug, heading, altitude, CRS, and direct to. I will get the software engineers to add the feature to the timer.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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