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Thread: Boot-up Problem?

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    Boot-up Problem?

    During the boot up of my AF-4500, just before the page where you have to press the "I Agree" button, I momentarily get the following message "omap_wdt : unexpected close, not stopping!"

    Not sure if this is normal and whether there is a problem?

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    I see this on my 4500s as well. While I can't say whether it's a problem or not, so far I haven't noticed anything that doesn't function as expected.
    Joshua Wyatt
    RV-9A N627DW @ KRST - Flying
    4500sEE + 4500sMFD | Stratux Dual-Band, GTN650Xi

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    Thanks...I happen to read, after posting this question, another thread that said this was normal. The reason I raised the question is that I am unable to get the flight planning to work between my Garmin GTN-650 and the 4500. I thought it might be related.

    Despite loading a FPL in the GTN it does not appear either on the AFS map nor when you pull-up the flight plan...I simply get - Flight Plan for GNAV1 Flight Plan Unavailable.

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    If you have this it will work:

    1. EFIS RS-232 Serial Port #1 RXD must be wired to GTN-650 Serial Port TXD set as Aviation OUT on GTN and AVTN IN on EFIS.

    2. EFIS Serial Port #4 wired to AF-ARINC Module.

    3. AF-ARINC module wired to GTN-650 ARINC OUT lines

    4. EFIS GPS/NAV #1 Data source set to Serial Port #4

    5. VERIFY that you DO NOT have any GPS/NAV (1,2,3) data source set to Serial Port #1

    6. When you turn on the GTN-650 the second ENTER button press is the GTN-650 Test Page. You should have a Half Left CDI, Glide Slope and Waypoint ID of GARMIN.

    If you don't have the CDI or Glide Slope your ARINC is not working.

    If you have the CDI and no WP ID your AIRNC is working and your RS-232 Aviation Data is not working.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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