Seattle Avionics Data

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  2. Updates

Through a Dynon subsidized program, we are excited to offer Seattle Avionics' geo-referenced Sectionals, IFR Low and High en-route, Approach / Departure Procedure Charts and Airport Diagrams (including thousands of Flight Guide diagrams) at unprecedented pricing of $99 per year. This includes both VFR and IFR data in one flat rate. Only one subscription is needed per airplane. Most charts and diagrams are geo-referenced, which allows us to display the aircraft's location superimposed on each chart.

If you have an AF-5000 display running the latest software and want to use this optional data you will need to download the Seattle Avionics Data Manager and setup an account.

Flight Guide
IFR Enroute

To purchase and use charts:

  1. You will need a dedicated and specially-prepared USB memory stick for each display in your aircraft. See this page for more information on obtaining and preparing USB memory sticks.
  2. ChartData subscriptions, along with the download manager needed to obtain charts/airport diagrams and put them on your USB memory sticks are available directly from Seattle Avionics. To purchase ChartData, go to and follow the instructions on the Seattle Avionics website to purchase and install Dynon SkyView ChartData on your USB memory stick(s) that have been prepared per the above procedure. If you encounter any technical problems during this process, please contact Seattle Avionics at (425) 806-0249 for technical support.

After you have installed ChartData to your USB memory sticks, simply connect them to your AF-5000 display(s) to enable charting capabilities. The USB memory stick(s) must be left connected to your display(s) during normal use for charts to be available.

The chart subscriptions detailed on this page add chart and airport diagram data to AF-5000. To display this data on the AF-5000 map page, you must have an active GPS signal, a Mapping Software license (or unexpired 5 flight hour trial), and the appropriate aviation databases already installed.

AF-5000 displays can be loaded with a 5 flight hour free trial of the Mapping Software. The Mapping Software Key must be purchased in order to continue to use it after the trial period ends. To check if your display has the MAP Key installed Press CHECK -> ABOUT -> SYSTEM and looks at the Keys:. Only one Mapping Software license purchase is required per airplane ($500). Licenses can be purchased from Advanced Flight Systems.


Using Seattle Avionics with iOS

If you have access to a PC running Windows or use Parallels / VMware to run Windows in a virtual machine on your Mac, Seattle Avionics strongly recommend using the Windows-based DataManager application rather than use this manual method. New netbooks or used laptops can be found for about $100.

Seattle Avionics has a guide on how to create a USB memory stick using a Mac.


Using Seattle Avionics ChartData Manager

Seattle Avionics ChartData Manager will require about 8 GB worth of data to be downloaded for a full download. Seattle Avionics recommends having 32 GB of free space available on your PC's hard drive.

A full download will be about 8 GB and will take at least 17 hours on a 1 Mbps connection or 2 hours on a 10 Mbps connection. Then the data can be loaded to the USB flash drive which takes more time. Plan accordingly.

Pre-loaded USB Memory Sticks
Want to skip this tutorial? We have pre-loaded USB memory sticks with the latest software, map data, and terrain files, and chart data (with proof of subscription) for the AF-5000 Series. The simple way to upgrade your EFIS! Just plug it in, and load your data. Our easiest option yet!

Changing App or Device from 'Dynon SkyView' to 'AFS'

To avoid complications please delete the ChartData and SkyView[US,EU] folders.

Follow our Media Setup Tutorial if your USB Media have not been prepared for Advanced Flight Systems

Start the ChartData Manager

Select AFS from the App or Device column
Check Enable AFS AF-5xxx Series downloads under the Dynon SkyView Options window
Click Create USB flash drive

Select your AFS_DATA removable drive. If you don't have a AFS_DATA drive please follow these instructions
Verify that the format is FAT, FAT16 or FAT32
Ensure that Prepare USB flash drive for AFS is checked
Click OK to prepare the drive

This window shows that the drive is ready for use
Click OK to use this drive

At this point you can see that the green light on [US,EU] USB flash drive is connected (X:\)
Select the data elements that you want to load onto your USB flash drive. The more items selected the longer the process will take
Next click Select areas...

Select the areas that you want to view on the display. Again, the more items selected the longer the process will take
Once finished click OK

Once selected press Update Now from the App or Device column

Click OK if you already have created your account or click the link to create a new account

Enter your Email Address and Password for your Seattle Avionics account in the fields
Click OK when finished
At this point the software will take over and download data to your USB flash drive that was selected.
Please wait for the Update Now button to reappear.

ALL green lights next to your checked items indicates your device is READY. If not click Update Now again.

If you encounter any technical problems during this process, please contact Seattle Avionics via email at or phone (425) 806-0249 for technical support.


ChartData Updates

When new data is available from Seattle Avionics insert your USB flash drive into the computer running the Data Manager software. An alert will pop-up allowing the new data to be loaded onto the USB flash drive.

Click Yes to update the USB flash drive and wait for the update process to complete
ALL green lights next to your checked items indicates your device is READY.
If not click Update Now again.